Wolfgang Wild Paws
Race: Rodent
Gender: Male
Relatives: Sister: Petunia Pretty Paws
Niece: Bugsy Wugsy

Wolfgang Wild Paws is Petunia Pretty Paws' twin brother. He is a TV producer who dedicates his life to saving the environment.

He loves adventure and being with nature, like his twin sister.

Biography Edit

His family has lived for many generations on a farm in the Giant Sequoia Valley, in Dolphin Bay. However, he regularly goes travelling around the world with his twin sister, Petunia.

In his spare time, he loves to tell silly stories that no one else finds funny. He collects old geographical maps from around the world.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Wolfgang has light brown fur with black hair in a crew cut style. He wears a light blue button down shirt with khaki pants held up by a brown belt. He is a very large, muscular, athletic-looking mouse.

Wolfgang is very loud and confident. He has a lot of energy and passion for exciting adventures, which tends to wear Geronimo down.

Trivia Edit

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