Wither is one of Cackle's, the Queen of witches', friend. She is also the twin sister of Blossom, the Queen of Fairies.


Since she is Queen Blossom's twin sister, she is identical to blossom. She has blue, long hair, blue skin, and a medallion which has: Wither of the Flowers, written on it. The different thing is that, she likes black, and often wears black dresses, whereas Blossom wears blue ones.

The Phoenix of Destiny

She betrayed the Kingdom, as seen in the book, and went to Cackle's castle, where she asked Cackle to teach her black magic. And she went back to the Kingdom, taking Blossom's throne, and disguising herself as Blossom. And she ordered Geronimo Stilton, to take the seven treasures, to imprison Blossom. But Cackle and her plan to take over the Kingdom has failed, because Geronimo eavesdropped their conversation, and knew about their plan. And he rescued Blossom out of the Invisible Crypt, where the two evil ones imprisoned Blossom in. At last, she challenged Blossom to a Magic Fairy Duel, and Blossom defeated her and restore her Kingdom. she was last seen in a net held by stinkypus, with Cackle riding on it. And she said, " We will mffffg mfffg mfffg!"

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