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Detail-oriented and always open to new things


Sensitive, and if she doesn't get enough sleep, she can be a real grouch


She likes to unwind by listening to classical music and drinking green tea.



Violet is a character in the Thea Stilton books, and is also a member of the Thea Sisters, an adventureous group founded by Thea Stilton.  


After being raised in China, she continues her studies on journalism at Mouseford Academy on Whale Island. Along with her were four newfound friends; Paulina, Nicky, Colette, and Pamela.


She does have parents, actually. Her father is a great orchestra conducter Chen Lu and her mother is a performer. They both appeared in Thea Stilton and the Ghost of the Shipwreck.


Just like Geronimo, she is an intellectual and fascinated about books. She's a sensitive rodent, and will be ticked off if teased. She can ease up and cool down with a cup of green tea, but if she doesn't get enough sleep, she can be really grouchy.

Physical appearanceEdit

Violet has long blue- violet hair going down to her tail. Her main outfit consists of a purple long-sleeved shirt with a turtle neck, and her skirt is also purple but in a lighter shade. She also wears white pants along with her skirt. Violet has almond shaped eyes, and they are dark brown, although her eyes are purple in the latest books which in turn, matches the color of her outfit.

Trivia Edit

  • Violet's overall appearence was altered to fit the brighter, more cartoony art style of "The Spanish Dance Mission" onwards. Aside from being "toon-ified", none of her major details were changed.
    • However, her art in the book intro has yet to be altered to reflect this change.
  • After the alterations done to her illustrations, she and the rest of the Thea Sisters alike seem to have her tail missing.
  • In the book Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows, it is shown that Violet is good at ballet and is one of the best in her class. Also in the book, two ratlings name Vasily and Pytor, the nephews of the famous dance star Natalya Rattlova, had developed a crush on Violet. 
  • In the book Thea Stilton and the Legend of Fire Flowers, Violet's surfboard is purple with dragons and cloud image. 
  • In the book Thea Stilton and the Ghost of the Shipwreck, Violet had developed a crush on Professor Ian Van Kraken.
  • In the book Thea Stilton and the Mystery on the Orient Express, Violet reveals that her father's name is Chen Lu, which also secretly reveals that Violet's surname is Chen. If you consider the fact that the Chinese write their surname first when writing their name, it's clear that Violet revealed her surname through her father.
  • In the comic A Song for the Thea Sisters, Violet's skill as a violinist is highlighted. She is also known to sing in A Song for the Thea Sisters.
  • In the Mystery on the Orient Express, Violet is revealed to play the piano.
  • In the Frozen Fiasco, Violet is revealed to be a big fan of Vígmar Ratsson's books.

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