1. Who is Geronimo Stilton's friend since kindergarden?

2. Which Thea sister comes from France?

3. Who is Kumi's friend?

4. Who loves Geronimo?

5. Who dressed as a lady on the airplane? (hint, it's going to be the same answer as number 1)

6. Which is the first book to start the Thea sisters?

7. Who is a computer genius?

8. What mouse is an awful joker to Geronimo?

9. Which state to another state did Geronimo have to ride on his bike for the race across america?

10. Which book is the 6th book of Thea Stilton?

The answers will be on my user page do not peek unless if you are stuck or finshed.

And PLEASE answer in the comments down below. 

Thank You.

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