She is Grandfather William's helper. She keeps him in line, much like he does to his Grandson, Geronimo Stilton. In one book, a Cheese-Colored Camper, she tells him he is too fat, and when he says "I want a cheese fondue", she says "No fondue for you!" She also thinks Geronimo needs to eat more, to the point she gives Geronimo lots of food, while Grandfather William gets only a piece of lettuce and an olive. She is also a good cook. She claims to cook exactly what Geronimo's family and others want. An avid cook, she cooks very tasty food. Her cooking skills outnumber most other fictional cooks. In fact, she rivals Saucy Le Paws, the most famous cook/chef in New Mouse City.   ;)She has owned a whole kitchen.She has many "helpers".She is very strict and serious.She loves cooking.She was chosen over Saucy Le Paws to make food for Creepella Von Cacklefur's Halloween Party because Saucy Le Paws was busy in a contest.Geronimo Stilton Persuaed Tina Spicytail to cook for Creepella Von Cacklefur's Halloween Party on the phone.Geronimo Stilton thought Tina Spicytail would think the food was real so Geronimo Stilton said that even though the food sounded real,it was fake and made out of real food items.Tina Spicytail's love interest is Boris Von Cacklefur.Tina Spicytail danced with Boris Von Cacklefur at Creepella Von Cacklefur's Halloween Party.Tina Spicytail never cooks in strange kitchens.She misprounced "Halloween" as "Allowhen."She thinks "The whole idea of Halloween was silly."