Thea Sisters are sent on a mission with an agent from The Seven Roses to get Nina out of The Land of Erin.Thea Stilton was also sent on the misson.Thea Sisters find a castle with a portal to The Land of Erin.Fire Near Portal sings a warning rhyme.Then,Thea Sisters go to The Land of Erin.There are creatures like The Yum Fairies,Green Pixies,Red Caps,The Lake Fairies,Banshees,Pookas,Leperchauns,Greedies and The Sad Washerwoman.King Waveshaker is ruler of The Land of Erin.There are places like The Court of the Discontented,Purple Mushrooms,Greedy Village,and more!The only villains are The Great Discontented One and Red Caps.It is one of the Speical Edistions.It has Thea Sisters as fairies with necklaces on the cover.

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