The Rodent's Gazette is the most famouse newspaper in New Mouse City. Geronimo Stilton edits and is the owner of The Rodent's Gazette.

Rodents gazette

The Rodent's Gazette


The founder of The Rodent's Gazette is William Shortpaws - also known as Cheap Mouse Willy - which he points out once a day. William is the grandfather of Geronimo Stilton and he passed the business on to him although he is still alive and fit. William Shortpaws still acts as if he owns the company visiting from time to time and changing things drastically just to save money. This is illustrated at the start of Geronimo Stilton #1 Book: the Curse of the Emerald Eye.


In the sixth book Paws Off, Cheddarface, Geronimo's double, is said to have sold the newspaper to Sally Ratmousen, the owner of The Daily Rat.