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Template:Dead end The Mummy with No Name is the twenty-sixth book in the Geronimo Stilton book series.In this story Geronimo goes to the Egyptian Mouseum. Go f*ck your self


Ahhh you fucking shit. Come n get some. You fkin retarded fat ass. Geronimo holds up a gun and shot his fukin wife. And he fukd her psy.


Geronimo Swagton

The freak



AKA megatrun

Bastard retard

The People are Retarded Fat Fukin wife in the shitty hotel


Sally Ratmousen will later appear as the Shadow in The Mysterious Fucker and Pussy of The Giant Dicks.

Akenraten is a parody of King Akhenaten and Neferati and a parody of his queen, Nefertiti.

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