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The Haunted Castle is the forty-sixth book in the Geronimo Stilton Series.In this story Geronimo goes to a haunted castle..


I was just minding my business at home when I got a telephone call. It was my uncle Samuel S. Stingysnout, inviting the whole Stilton family to creepy, faraway Penny Pincher Castle for a big surprise. Moldy Mozzarella! I'm not much of a travelling mouse, and I hate surprises .But Thea,Trap and Benjamin were going,so I couldn't say no. I could tell this was going to be one super-spooky trip!


Geronimo Stilton





Geronimo had already been to a castle in "Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House". However, the two books are different  enough to be allowed to exist simultaniously.


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