[[Media:Example.ogg-- 00:21, August 24, 2014 (UTC)

-- 00:21, August 24, 2014 (UTC)]]Etc It is in The Editorial Staff of The Rodent's Gazette

1. Linda Thinslice 2. Sweetie Cheesetriangle 3. Ratella Redfur 4. Soya Mousehao 5. Cheesita De La Pampa 6. Mouseanna Mousetti (Non) 7. Yale Youngmouse (Non) 8. Toni Tinypaw (Non; Housekeeper) 9. Tina Spicytail 10. William Shortpaws althgou Mix up with Maximillan Mousemower 11. Valerie Vole (Family; Cousin) 12. Trap Stilton 13. Branwen Musclemouse 14. Zeppola Zap 15. Merenguita Gingermouse 16. Ratsy O'Shea 17. Rodentrick Roundrat 18. Teddy Von Muffler (Family; Sister) 19. Thea Stilton 20. Erronea Misprint (Assisstant; Friend?) 21. Pinky Pick 22. Ya-Ya O'Cheddar (Manager) 23. Mousella Macmouser (2 Manager; Co-Manager) 24. Kreamy O'Cheddar 25. Blasco Tabasco 26. Toffie Sugarsweet 27. Larry Keys 28. Michael Mouse 29. Tylerat Truemouse (Himself) 30. Geronimo Stilton (Non (only through Geronimo); Family; Nephew; Most Valued Family Member as close as Valued As his Job) 31. Benjamin Stiltonn (Non: Friend (Benjamin's); Crush?; (Benjamin's)) 32. Briette Finerat (Non; Family (The Finerat's); Sister 33. Raclette Finerat (Family ; Brother) 34. Zed Stilton UserHernaste 17:05, 3 August 209 (UTC)Hernaste

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