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Thaddeus(played by Danny Cooksey in his original body and Cindy Robinson in his female body)is a one-shot villain that appears in 101 Beagles:Nightmare on Kenyeri Street.He is Phineas'arch-nemesis and Mandy's younger brother.Unlike his other arch-nemesis,Odie,Thaddeus doesn't like to kidnaps beagle puppies for their furs.He's also found out Odie's secret that the reason why Odie chooses to skin the beagle puppies because when the young dogs reach into adulthood,their furs became very rough,which doesn't sell as well in the clothes store and fashion industry.Thaddeus eventually works as a clothes seller at the clothes store that was owned by Odie's late grandmother before Odie was born.His boss,Odie(played by Jason Lee),has two passions in life;electric fans and furs.Thaddeus,inspired by his beagle,designs a coat made with cream spotted fur.odie is intrigued by the idea of making garments out of actual beagles.When learns that Nicole has given birth to 15 puppies,he offers Thaddeus and Mandy(played by Kate Higgins)300,000 rupiah,but they refuse.Flying into a maniacal rage,Odie dismissed Thaddeus and kills him with an electric rice cooker along with his older sister,Mindy.Odie has his henchmen,Pinky(played by Rob Paulsen)and Brain(played by Maurice Lamarche),steal all the puppies and deliver them to the big house that was originally purchased by Odie's late grandmother after the birth of her eldest son,Yogi.With the help of the other dogs and animals scattered throughout Denpasar,the puppies manage to outwit Pinky and Brain,and escape to an old abandoned house,where their parents have been called to wait.But shortly after,Odie reveals himself and tries to retrieve them,but he was ultimately kicked into a cow pen by a horse after being covered in dark chocolate syrup.All of the beagles get home and was saved by Odie's biological father,Yogi who then put Odie under house arrest along with Pinky and Brain.After the deaths of Thaddeus and Mandy,two teenage couple named Robin(played by Jesse McCartney)and Starfire(played by Hynden Walch)adopt the other beagles that supposedly stolen by Odie,bringing the total to 101 and the ending themes called "Hajimari no Asa Ni Hikari Are","Heartbeat,Heartbreak","Reach out to the Truth","Your Affection",and "Smile" began to play.

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