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hello Edit

Hello im Crepergaming an I hate geronimo stilton


--Me-- I am 9.I just started reading Geromino Slilton books and I love them.I am not a member.I want to sign up but it's too hard!What I don't like about this wiki is that it has too many trashy pages and it dosen't have engouh pages.I am editing and editing this wiki until it has all the pages it needs.For a wiki about a kid's book series,it isn't safe.Give me a reward for all my hard work!Make deletion easier!Come on,Ratonbat!This wiki needs more work or it'll be ruined forever like Club Penguin!We need people to keep this wiki safe.Sigining in needs to be easier,this wiki needs gaurds,and we need to create our own characters and things!

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