Aunt Sweetfur
Race: Rodent
Gender: Female
Relatives: Husband: Grayfur
Nephews: Geronimo Stilton, Trap Stilton
Niece: Thea Stilton

Sweetfur, or more commonly known as Aunt Sweetfur, is Geronimo Stilton's aunt. She lives with Benjamin Stilton. She has a very close relationship with Geronimo as he calls her his favorite aunt. She lives in a mouse hole a few blocks away from Geronimo's house.

Biography Edit

She was once married to her true love - a seamouse named Grayfur. Almost twenty years ago, he left to visit the Ratlápagos Islands and he never returned. Before he left, he gave her one of his whiskers, which she still carries around with her in a heart-shaped locket that also contains a note from him and his picture.

Twenty years after his disappearance, Sweetfur and her relatives found Grayfur on a tiny island, where he had been surviving for years on coconuts and fish, and the two were finally reunited(as in The Search for the Sunken Treasure).[1]

Appearance and Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Sweetfur is an old mouse with gray and white fur. She wears a lavender dress with a white collar and cuffs, with a matching lavender pillbox-style hat with white flowers on top. On the end of her snout she wears small round glasses, similar to Geronimo. She wears a silver heart-shaped necklace containing a picture of her Grayfur, his whisker and a note. She also smells like lavender.

Personality Edit

Probably due to her old age, Sweetfur is very forgetful. She forgets things like her cell phone, glasses and fur brush; but she has never forgotten Geronimo's birthday. She is a very affectionate aunt to all her nieces and nephews.

Lavender seems to be her favorite color, as she dresses in lavender, sends lavender coloured letters and smells like lavender.


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