Solar,also known as Sol, is the first talking robot car in the world! It is invented by Professor von Volt. Its rival is Lunar. It is mostly used for secret missions.It appears in the book "GET INTO GEAR, STILTON!".

Benefits Edit

Thanks to a very powerful electromagnetic screen, it can become invisible.

  • When the driver wears a special pair of sunglasses, Sol can connect directly to the driver's mind so the two can communicate without speaking!
  • Sol does not pollute the environment, and its engine is completely silent!

Features Edit

  • Movie projector installed on the dashboard.
  • 333-horsepower engine propelled by solar energy.
  • Sol's massive golden medallion is shaped like the sun and measures the distance to all possible obstacles.
  • Three-in-one hood can transform into a motorcycle, a skateboard or a pair of roller skates.
  • Pop-out closet with clothes for every occasion.
  • Bathroom with tub and shower is stored in the trunk.
  • Anti-theft device: If a thief gets into the car, he or she will be ejected through the sunroof.
  • Sleep area with extra-comfy mattress for sweet dreams.
  • Office area with built-in library for sudden brain-storms.
  • Heated seats in the winter and air-conditioned seats in the summer.
  • All of Sol's parts are made of solid gold!
  • Framed photo of Professor von Volt is on display on the glove compartment door.
  • Sophisticated computer enables Sol to drive itself.
  • Dashboard oven can bake fresh cookies and pizza.
  • Snack area serves cold drinks and cheesy treats.

Secret Missions Edit

Sol's first secret mission was to find Lunar, retrieve Duchess Catherine Rodenton's seventy-three-carat diamond necklace, and return it to New Mouse City's Museum. Her driver during the mission was Geronimo Stilton. They had to finish it in one night and the mission was successful.

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