The Shadow
The shadow
Race: Rodent
Gender: Female
Relatives: Grandmother: Molly Ratmousen
Cousin: Sally Ratmousen

Shadow as she appears in the TV series.

The Shadow is a thief and cousin to Sally Ratmousen. She also is a master of disguise, but Geronimo always foils her plots.

Appearance Edit

She has pretty blonde hair and blue eyes and she almost always wears a black bodysuit.

In the TV series, her fur is auburn as opposed to grey and she is not revealed to have hair as the only part of her body not covered by her catsuit are her eyes and her feet. Also her bodysuit is navy instead of black. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


The Mummy with No NameEdit

Her first appearance was in The Mummy with No Name, when she disguised herself as a mummy and cleaning lady to keep museum visitors away, but when Geronimo foils her plot, she escapes.

The Mysterious Cheese ThiefEdit

In The Mysterious Cheese Thief, the Shadow steals more than $2 million worth of Stilton cheese in England, and builds a house with the cheese. When Geronimo stops her, she escapes, but the Stilton cheese factory owners manage to demolish the house and recover the cheese.

Valley of the Giant SkeletonsEdit

In Valley of the Giant Skeletons, the Shadow disguises herself as the museum curator Karina von Fossilsnout and goes to the Gobi Desert with the Stilton clan to search for a Tarbosaurus skeleton. The Shadow wanted the skeleton herself. When Geronimo learned that the real Karina von Fossilsnout was still in Mouse Island, the Shadow reveals herself. After that, the Shadow and her assistant Bondi Bobirat are arrested.

The Giant Diamond RobberyEdit

In The Giant Diamond Robbery, the Shadow, disguised as her grandmother Molly Ratmousen, goes to a golf tournament with Geronimo and his grandfather attending. When Geronimo's friend Kornelius von Kickpaw finds out that Molly is cheating because she wanted the Super Mouse Cup, everyone is disgusted, even Sally (because she cheats in every sport except golf). Then everyone finds out that Molly was just the Shadow in disguise. Then she escapes in a private helicopter. It is revealed at the end that the real Molly Ratmousen was trapped in a closet all along.



  • She is one of the few recurring antagonists in the Geronimo Stilton series, having appeared in four books so far.
  • It is suggested the Shadow is not her real name