She is the most evil person in The Kingdom of Fantasy.It was once thought to be Queen Cackle.Scorcher is Queen Cackle's boss.She wasn't always a witch.She was once a smart,beautiful fairy.Queen Cackle sent a poisonous snake that poisoned the baby fairy so badly that the fairy became a witch!She also became the boss of anyone evil in The Kingdom of Fantasy.She once turned a bunch of fairies into witches and she turned a fairy castle into a the Kingdom of Doom!Her servants are all people turned into toads!Whenever one of her servants does something she dosen't like,she disintegrates them!Geronimo Stilton was once turned into a toad when he came to the Kingdom of Doom to get The Royal Ruby united with The Royal Shapprie.He was overworked and was about to become dinner for Grizzle.She is also known as "O' Great Old One with the Eyes of Fire."She has spies called Skull Pixes.She has The Royal Ruby.Geronimo Stilton thought she wasn't into exercising at the magical witch gym in the Kingdom of Doom.She has many fighters and animals.She has trapped Tenderheart in The Royal Ruby.She battled Azul.When Azul won,she was turned into his wife,wich was the beautiful,smart fairy.

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