Sally Ratmousen/Sally Rasmaussen


Sally Rasmaussen

Race: Mouse
Gender: Female
Relatives: Grandmother: Molly Ratmousen
Cousin: The Shadow

Sally Ratmousen or Sally Rasmaussen is the rodent that runs the newsletter company, The Daily Rat. She does whatever she can so that The Daily Rat can be better than The Rodents Gazette. Therefore, she considers Geronimo Stilton as her rival.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

In the books, Sally is shown to be a very plump mouse with yellow fur and no hair. She wears a pink T-shirt underneath a pink vest and pink pants. her accessories are also in the colour pink - pink headband, lipstick, choker and fanny pack.

In the show, she is still very round but now has bright reddish-orange hair with lots of volume. She wears a purple suit with hot pink lapels and a light pink top underneath. She wears purple eyeshadow, pink lipstick and has a pink charm on her necklace.

Personality Edit

Geronimo Stilton thinks she is a rotten mouse. He thinks she is cruel, probably due to all the mean tricks she has played on him over the years.
This is sally!

Sally jumping on the back of a police rodent in Paws Off, Cheddarface!

Trivia + Facts Edit

  • She is the boss of The Daily Rat.
  • She is the granddaughter from Molly Ratmousen.
  • In the show, she has attempted to marry William Shortpaws once with the help of Ratswarmi in attempt to own the Stilton Media Group. This failed, however.
  • She learned how to play golf.
  • She has hair in the television series. 
  • In The Dragon Prophecy, she announced Geronimo's "pajama top" the fashion of the year.
  • Her favorite quote is "Right Now! At once! Immediately!".

She made it up Herself.

  • She is the main antagonist of the books and TV Series.
  • She throws darts at Geronimo Stilton's photo as a hobby.
  • She made the fake of Geronimo Stilton in "Paws of, Cheddarface!".
  • Her description in Atlantyca's website states that Rasmaussen actually wanted to work for the Stilton Media Group, but she was rejected by William Shortpaws in her interveiw because he knew Rasmaussen was no good. Since then, she holds a grudge against the Stilton Media Group.
  • She has a henchman who is her assistant, named Simon Squealer. He appears in both the books and TV series.


Description according to AtlantycaEdit

"She’s Geronimo’s arch-rival. She is the bad mouse of the series.

She is the editor-in-chief of a tabloid media company called, The Daily Rat and there is nothing she won’t do to get a scoop.

Deep down, she has always wanted to work for the Geronimo Stilton Media Group, but when Grandfather Shortpaw interviewed her a few years ago, he smelled a rat and didn’t think she had the talent or the dignity to work for his company. Since then, Sally has held a grudge against Geronimo and the Stilton Media Group."