She is the queen of the witches. She has a plan to kidnap Queen Blossom because she hates all things happy. She also has other evil plans like trying to get The Royal Sapphire to be with her Royal Ruby to give her extreme power. But, in every book, Geronimo Stilton has foiled her plans. It was once thought that she was the most evil person in The Kingdom of Fantasy, but, it was later revealed to be her boss Scorcher.

The Kingdom Of Fantasy Edit

Cackle was shown with a throne of thorns and having crow pets Shriek and Screech. Her description was having very fair skin with flaming red hair, and she was shown to have Complete Heterochromia by that her eyes are both black and green coloured. Her residence at the Fortress of fear and she was proclaimed Queen Never-named, even though she answered Geronimo with "Just call me Cackle". It was her known name ever since.

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