Queen Blossom is the queen of the fairies. She lives in the Kingdom of the Fairies which is in the Kingdom of Fantasy.

This is what happens to her in each Kingdom of Fantasy book:

The Kingdom of Fantasy

She is kidnapped by Cackle and trapped in the Well of Sighs.

The Quest for Paradise

Geronimo is back to the kingdom of fantasy and this time Queen Blossom asks him to go on a quest to find Paradise and bring back The Heart of Happiness.

The Amazing Voyage

Blossom is kidnapped by Queen Cackle of the witches and placed at the Terror Volcano. At the end she marries Grim, the king of the Land of Nightmares. But as she marries him (in a triple wedding!) his land becomes the land of dreams again, his name becomes George, and his mask comes off.

In almost every book, she is kidnapped by Queen Cackle because Cackle hates all things positive.she has a twin sister named Weither

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