Prof. Paws von Volt


Paws von Volt






New Mouse City, Mouse Island


Professor, inventor


Geronimo Stilton
Thea Stilton
Trap Stilton
Benjamin Stilton
Pinky Pick

First Appearance

I'm Too Fond of My Fur!

Prof. Paws Von Volt is a professor and an inventor. He is also one of Geronimo's old friends.


Until this point, we have no detailed information about his age, origin, or his early life.


Prof. Paws von Volt is an inventor who invents anything for the benefit of nature and rodents as well. He always never stay in one place for a long time so no one could steal his secret discoveries or inventions and only Geronimo is the one who knows every new address where the professor stays since the professor trusted him.


Prof. Paws von Volt has orange-brownish fur and isn't very tall. He wears a pair of glasses, a laboratory coat with a black shirt underneath and pale blue pants.


  • He is the creator of his acclaimed "first talking robot car in the world", named Solar.
  • The word " von" in his name is a German word that means of or from. There is a large possibility that he is of German origin.
    • Though the word is spelled with a capital V in the TV show.

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