Sports journalist or a car mechanic


Pizza. The food she loves most.


She is a peacemaker. She can't stand arguments


She is very impulsive


Give her a screwdriver and any mechanical problem will be solved!

Pamela is a character in the Thea Stilton books, and is also a member of the Thea Sisters.


Not much information can be gathered about her early life. She was born in Tanzania, a country in south east Africa and was raised there. When she grew up, she went to Mouseford Academy to further her studies in journalism with her new friends; Nicky, Colette, Paulina, and Violet.


Pamela is an outdoor mouse, much like Nicky. She is active, also brave and pulls off dangerous stunts in certain situations if she needs to. She will break up arguments when she sees one because she can't stand any; she's a peacemaker. She's also impulsive, acting on instinct and not thinking decisions through which could lead her to danger. She will help her friends out whenever they are in need, especially the ones with mechanical problems. She is also known to have a bottomless stomach and obssesions of other types of food. There's one particular fear she possesses; insectophobia.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pamela is a mouse with dark brown fur to reflect that she's an African and it contrasts Colette's light brown fur. Pam has brown eyes and dark brown curly hair. Her usual outfit is a red sweater with a turtle neck and with long sleeves and wears a yellow head band. She also wears dark green pants that have pockets on the sides. Throughout the books, her outfits have varied from her usual one.

Thea Stilton and the Dragon's Code Edit

During this book, Pamela wears a red turtleneck sweater and olive-green cargo pants. Her hair is held back by a thick, striped, yellow headband.

Thea Stilton and the Mountain of Fire Edit

During this book, Pamela is shown wearing a red T-shirt and ripped, dark olive-green cargo pants. Her hair is held back by a thick, striped, yellow headband.

Thea Stilton and the Ghost of the Shipwreck Edit

During this book, Pamela is shown wearing a red wet suit, red flippers and a red oxygen tank.

Thea Stilton and the Secret City Edit

During this book, Pamela wears the same outfit as Thea Stilton and the Dragon's Code, except paired with an orange-and-purple shawl.

Thea Stilton and the Mystery in Paris Edit

During this book, Pamela wears an orange-red turtleneck dress with a long, full skirt. On the skirt, we see a map of Africa. She wears several bracelets colored orange or yellow and her hair is decorated with several red roses, a red headband and is tied up in a bun.


  • Like the other Thea Sisters, her art illustration in her intro page at the beginning of any book has yet to be changed to reflect the cartoonish alterations received in later books.
  • Despite being an African, she has somewhat the lifestyle of an American. Her diet is not like any Tanzanian because she loves pizza, and she sometime squeaks and uses random exclamations like an average African-American female.
  • Throughout the books, Pamela has not yet fallen in love with anyone ,but Shen is known to have a crush on on her.
  • In the Papercutz graphic novel, The Secret of Whale Island, Pamela is known to drive at high speeds. This is seen in a strip when she drives to the Whale Island port, and says "Congratulate me, my friends! I destroyed every speed record."
  • The most dangerous stunt she pulled off in the series yet was in Mystery On the Orient Express where she and Nicky scaled the roof of the train cars to get to the one containing the Veil Of Light to prevent the Cat Burglar from stealing it.
  • According to Thea Stilton and the Treasure of the Viking Ship, Pamela's surname is Tangu.
  • Pamela and Paulina are the only Thea Sisters to have siblings, in Pamela's case she is the only sister to have more than 1 sibling (she has 10) and the only one to have brothers.