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New Mouse City Council


Frederick Fuzzypaws

Total Area

390 sq miles (635.691 km) estimated


31 ft estimated

Total population


New Mouse City is a city in Mouse Island which is a play of New York City in the Geronimo Stilton universe. It is where The Stilton Family live, and in the city there are 2 competing popular newsletters: The Daily Rat and The Rodent's Gazette. It also serves as Mouse Island's capital.


The population of New Mouse City is over 2,000,000, Figures regarding proportions of gender, age and ethnicity are unknown.

Geography   Edit

New Mouse City is situated on the southeastern coast of Mouse Island facing towards Ratlantic Ocean. Rodent River is a play of New York City's Hudson River; it flows from the south and into an unnamed bay which is unseen in the map and it separates a part of the city. Despite this, the river doesn't serve the same purpose as its real-life counterpart because the Shipyard has taken the roll of the city's main and most significant trading port.

The city's estimated total area is about 390 sq miles. An unsure total area of this city is water, and the other part of it is land. The highest natural point in this city is yet to be mentioned in the books.

The city can be divided by four major parts:


List of Places in New Mouse City Edit

Things that are Bold mean that they appear at any book.

New Mouse City map

New Mouse City Map

  1. Industrial Zone
  2. Cheese Factories
  3. Angorat International Airport
  4. WRAT Radio and Television Satcion
  5. Cheese Market
  6. Fish Market
  7. Town Hall
  8. Stotnose Castle
  9. The Seven Hills of Mouse Island
  10. Mouse Central Station
  11. Trade Center
  12. Movie Theater
  13. Gym
  14. Catnegie Hall
  15. Signing Stone Plaza
  16. The Gouda Theater
  17. Grand Hotel
  18. Mouse Genral Hospital
  19. Botanical Gardens
  20. Cheap Junk for Less
  21. Parking Lot
  22. Mouseum of Modern Art
  23. University and Library
  24. The Daily Rat
  25. The Rodents Gazette
  26. Trap's House
  27. Fashion District
  28. The Mouse House Restourant
  29. Enviormental Protection Center
  30. Harbor Office
  31. Mousidon Square Garden
  32. Golf Course
  33. Swimming Pool
  34. Blushing Meadow Tennis Courts
  35. Curlyfur Island Amusement Park
  36. Geronimo's House
  37. New Mouse City Historic District
  38. Public Library
  39. Shipyard
  40. Thea's House
  41. New Mouse Harbor
  42. Luna Lighthouse
  43. The Statue of Liberty
  44. Hercule Poirat's Office
  45. Petunia Pretty Paws's House
  46. Grandfather William's House


  • Although New Mouse City is a play of New York City, the city is missing some of New York's famous points of interests and/or landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, the UN Headquarters, Chinatown, Little Italy, and One World Trade Center.
  • The Statue of Liberty in New Mouse City has some differences from the one in New York, such as being gold in colour and holding a cheese in the left paw.
  • There is a New York City in the Rodent Universe because in A Very Merry Christmas the Stiltons all travel to New York.