Meet Me In Horrorwood was released along with The Thirteen Ghosts as

he first two books in the Creepella von Cacklefur books on August 2011.

Plot Summary Edit

The von Cacklefurs's pet monster (who is the last male of his species), Gorgo, is not acting like himself! He's not even eating. So the Cacklefurs held a family meeting. They conclude that Gorgo is lovesick, after discovering a postcard from Blobbina (the last he mentions Creepella), they make it clear they despise her. Lady Fifi makes Billy take the triplets with him.Edit

At the studio, Sam Shivers is directing his movie, hoping Blobbina will show up, otherwise his movie will be ruined. The twins ask to be in the movie. He allows them to be minor characters, but they are thrilled anyway. Billy leaves the triplets with Shivers, and meets Creepella. They get a clue from monster expert, Mr. M, telling them to go to Nightmare Park.Edit

They go to Nightmare Park, and, after a brief encounter with a robot octopus, they climb up a castle and find Blobbina trapped in a coffin. Blobbina reveals that Docter Inkubus, the caretaker of Nightmare Park, kidnapped her so he can reopen his park and force Blobbina to be the main attraction. They are chased by Dr. Inkubus, but escape him, before arriving back at Cacklefur Castle. Gorgo and Blobbina are implied to get married. Billy faints when he hears he will have to be Gorgo's best man for the wedding, and regains consciousness only to faint again after hearing the Rattenbaum triplets got him a part in the movie. Just to make sure Gorgo is fine, Grandpa Frankenstein throws a pail of rusty screws at him. Gorgo eats them all, spitting out the shiny handle that hits Billy, knocking him out for the third time. And that is the summary of "Meet me in Horrorwood".Edit