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Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye is the first book of the series. In this story Geronimo goes in search of a treasure.



It all started when my sister, Thea, discovered an old, mysterious map. It showed an secret treasure hidden on a faraway island. In no time at all, my sister dragged me and my cousin, Trap, into her treasure hunt. It was an adventure I'd never forget..........

Characters  Edit


  • New Mouse City
  • Mysterious Island

Trivia Edit

  • It is the first book of Geronimo Stilton.
  • It was first printed on February 2004.
  • This story reveals that Geronimo who hates Monday Mornings.
  • Geronimo brushes his teeth with cheddar-flavoured toothpaste.
  • New Mouse City is the capital of Mouse Island.
  • The Mice wear Mouse Jordan sneakers.
  • The Address of the Rodent's Gazette is 17 Swiss Cheese Center.
  • Geronimo works out at Rats La Lanne.
  • There is a restaurant called The Mouse House it serves spicy food.
  • Mouse General is the name of the Hospital.
  • Thea has over fifty friends.
  • Apparently a Cheese Delivery man has lots of friends the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Geronimo gets Heartburn.
  • The Restaurant sells Cheddar Ravioli.
  • Thea found the map at the flea market.
  • Geronimo drinks snoozytime tea.
  • Christopher Colomouse found Mouse Island.
  • Geronimo once dedicated a book to Benjamin.
  • There's a Shop called Boats, Masts and Beyond.
  • Trap is friends with Squeaky La Rue.
  • There's a Sports Store called Rats Authority.
  • This is the first story to have green title writing, next will be Attack of the Bandit Cats.

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