It is about Geronimo Stilton's dream about a magical land in need of help. He saves the day in all the books.There are magical creatures,many characters,and magical realms!In every book,he yearns to go home.He earns titles like "The Sapphire Knight" given to him by Azul.He has amazing ways of getting to Kingdom of Fantasy like climbing up golden stairs in the first book.Geronimo Stilton is honored,is helped,and makes new friends in Kingdom of Fantasy.Monarchs are Azul,Scorcher,Queen Blossom,Queen Cackle,Tenderheart and more!Objects are Harper,Honor,Novella's Plumes,and more!Animals are Scribblehopper,Puffy,and more!Teachers are Coraline(not really a teacher:the principal),Puffy(not really a teacher:Coraline's pufferfish assitant),Novella,Melody and Lovely.Places are Coral Academy and more!Heroes are Azul(kind of, batteled with Scorcher)',Tenderheart (kind of,was impribnjvbfhhjffjjjsioned by Scorcher in The Royal Ruby and rescued by Gerry as a toad),Harper (kind of,helped Geronimo Stilton on his journey),Honor(kind of,did the same thing as Harper),Scribblehopper(kind of,guide),Geronimo Stilton and many more!Like many Special Edistions,the cover often shows Geronimo Stilton riding a fictouis animal or riding a real animal or riding an interesting-looking real animal.The readers and Geronimo Stilton think the adventure is real,but,at the end of each book The Stiltons find him and readers and Geronimo Stilton figure out the whole adventure was a dream and Geronimo Stilton writes about his dream and a Kingdom of Fantasy book is born!Actully,Elisabetta Dami writes it and Scholastic publishes it,but,Geronimo Stilton gets the credit.