Grayfur locket
Race: Rodent
Gender: Male
Relatives: Sweetfur (wife)
Thea Stilton (niece)
Geronimo Stilton (nephew)

Grayfur, or also known as Uncle Grayfur, is Sweetfur's husband and Geronimo Stilton's uncle. He is Sweetfur's one true love.

Biography Edit

Grayfur is a seamouse. Almost twenty years ago, he sailed away for the Ratlapagos Islands searching for treasure and didn't return for years, breaking Sweetfur's heart. She still wears a silver, heart-shaped locket containing a photo of him, a note and his whisker. Geronimo says that he must have loved Sweetfur very much, as it is very painful to pull out a whisker.


Grayfur and Sweetfur are reunited after twenty years (The Search for Sunken Treasure, p.101).

Twenty years after his mysterious disappearance, Sweetfur and her relatives finally found the long-lost Grayfur, on a tiny island. Grayfur explained to his relatives that he had found the logbook of Admiral Don Sea Snout III, and decided to search for what was left of The Golden Rind. But, unfortunately, his ship sank in a terrible storm. His crew left the ship on a lifeboat, but, as the captain, Grayfur did not abandon his ship and hung on till the very last minute. He managed to cling to a piece of wreckage and was washed up on the beach of an island by he ocean waves. Here, he spent his years surviving on coconuts and fish.[1]

After this, Grayfur apeared on multiple family occasions, including Geronimo's birthday party (Geronimo's Valentine) and the "funeral"of uncle Bigwig (The Haunted Castle).