He is the long lost love of Miss Angel Paws.Gentlemouse walked through the woods "Under a cheese-colored umbrella."He knows a lot about animals and nature and taught it to Geronimo Stilton and Miss Angel Paws's class.Miss Angel Paws has a locket so she can remember Gentlemouse.Miss Angel Paws remembers when she and Gentlemouse were both "Just little schoolmice."Gentlemouse and Miss Angel Paws wanted a wedding.So,Thea Stilton came in a pink helicopter full of pink wedding items.She planned the wedding.Soon,Miss Angel Paws and Gentlemouse got married.Miss Angel Paws became Mrs.Gentlemouse.Trap Stilton grilled food for Miss Angel Paws and Gentlemouse's wedding.Geronimo Stilton was jealous of him because he loved Miss Angel Paws even though Gentlemouse loved her first.Soon,Geronimo Stilton wasn't jealous of him anymore.

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