Template:Multiple issues

Season 1
1. Operation ShuFongFong - September 15, 2009
2. That Scoop, Geronimo!
3. Light, Camera, Action!
4. The Mummy With No Name
5. Barry Whiskers!
6. Paws Off Cheddarface!
7. The Route to China
8. Look me in the Eye!
9. The Great Tournament of the Topitsu Warriors
10.The Treasure of Baffonero
11. Mystery on the Rodent Express
12. Home Sweet Home
13. Geronimo in Africa!
14. The Rattobanda
15. What Happenned to Thea?
16. Love is trouble!
17. Top Model Thea
18. Attack Of The Killer Whales
19. Where is all the Cheese
20. Who's Scene
21. In The Game
22. Superhero
23. A Race Full of Pitfalls
24. A Castle to Thrill
25. But Where is Trap?

26. A Passion For Tea

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