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Creepella Von Cacklefur is a special effects designer for scary films and haunted houses. Her father is Boris Von Cackelfur. Creepella is an enchanting and mysterious mouse with a pet bat named Bitewing.

She has a crush on Gerenimo Stilton but Gerenimo does not want to go on a date with her becuse she is too scary for him even though he admits she is cute.

She lives in the Cacklefur Castle on a skull-shaped -rock in the Haunted Valley.  She is a journalist who always hunt mysterious stories. She writes article to The Shivery News. She is also a famous author and always asks Gerenimo to publish her book and it became an instant hits. 

She has a car Turborapid 3000

She has a pet bat name bitewing who is inseparable from her and always follows wherever she goes. 

She is also VERY evil to some people.She seems like that though!


Creepella´s eyes are  deep green, long jet black hair and shiny gray fur. She styled her black hair with green gel made from spiderwebs. She brushed her cheeks with powder with the color of full moon. She always used her parfume that has the scent of lizard spit and her favorite lip gloss Dismal Drool.  She wears a long purple dress and spider necklace.


Boris von Cacklefur is Creepella's father. He runs Fabumouse Funerals, a funeral home at 33 Dark Grave Drive. His hobbies are making romantic poetry and painting graveyard sceneries. Boris is in love with Tina Spicytail. He won the Fright Night poetry competition. 

Bitewing is a purple bat pet of Creepella. He always delivers written books of Creepella to Gerenimo Stilton and demand Gerenimo to publish it by the request of his mistress. He knows every direction, angles and ways in the mysterious valley. He can be impatient and curios. He likes to tease Billy Squekspeare.

Chompers also known as Horrifica dentibula is the Cackelfur watch plant. Chompers has thorny stem, spiky leaves and sharp, shiny teeth at the end of her flower. She owns a collection of toothbrushes that she guards ferociously. 

Boneham is a butler. He is tall, thin, gray rat with a pointy snout and whiskers that were waxed and curled. He is very devoted to the Cacklefurs and calls them "family". His is a snob from the tip of his tail and to the tips of his curled whiskers. His secret is his socks stink. 

Chef Stewrat is the Cacklefur family cook. He loves opera. He is always trailed by a cloud of gnats. That's probably because he hasnt washed for many years and his apron is stained and has waxed whiskers. Gerenimo describe him a very fat sewer rat witg a filthy smelly apron and greasy whiskers in Gerenimo Stiton The Secret of Cacklefur Castle. His stews always has weird, unusual and disgusting ingredient even though later it taste good. 

Madame Latomb wore an old fashioned dress trimmed with lace. A bat shaped necklace and a huge pile of white hair on top of her head. She has a strange odor or scent like a dead flower. She is the housekeeper of the Cacklefur family. She plays violin and collects dolls. Her hairstyle hides her ferocious were-canary. It's like werewolf but it's a canary. She is in love with Professor Frankenstein. 

Shivereen is a teenage mouse with shiny gray fur. She wear purple shirt and jeans and carried bat shaped purse. Shivereen is very fond of purple color and could be describe as the smaller version of Creepella.  She copies Creepella in every way. She has a pet chameleon name Moldy and dreams to be working in the world of fashion. Shivereen is Creepella's favorite niece. 

Snip and Snap are twins. They are troublemaker, very smart and good with computers. They are exactly alike, perfectlt mean and truly annoying. They own a collection of tricks that they used to scare the guests at Cacklefur Castle.They both had neat hair and very normal looking clothes.

Kafka is a huge pet cockroach. It barks like dogs. His house is in the courtyard but he loves to sleep in Shivereen's bed and she takes him walk every morning. He cant get enough Cockroach Crunchies! 

Booey the Poltergeist. He is the castle ghost and likes to play tricks on everyone. He is afraid of scary movies but he watched them anyway. 

The Thing aka Gorgo is a slimy creature lives in the moat of Cacklefur castle. His age is between 15 and 150 monster years. His size always changed and his birthplace a stinky swamp that is hard to find. He eats everything but prefers rotten foods with vintage rust. Favorite color is green and perfume is Essence of Smelly Socks. His favorite books is Green Eggs and Hammers. He is in love with Blobbina. 

Profesor Frankenstein loves to make mummy jokes. A small and skinny rodent. His face is the color of moldy cheese. The white fur on his head struck straight up, wore stained white lab coat and walked with a limp and leaned on a cane. He is a scientist studies on ancient Egypt. He is experts at mummies and tombs. He is a little clumsy and has many accidents in his lab. He lost an eye, an ear, a finger and a toe. He dreams to be a standup comic.

Baby is the adopted child of Cacklefur family. Boneham found outside of the castle. All the family loves Baby dearly. 

Grandma Crypt has a pet tarantula name Dolores. She reads one of Billy Squekspeare books called Without You My Heart Molds. She is expert at love stories and remedies for broken hearts. 


Billy Squekspeare is a good friend to Creepela. He is a famous writer for sappy romance.He inhertied the Squekspere mansion. His house is lived by thirteen ghosts who happens to be the Billy's grandfathers and the family member of the mansion. He always dragged by Creepella into a mysterious adventure. Billy is a scaredy mouse like Gerenimo. 

Professor Dubloon is expert on the history of pirates, privateers and buccaneers. He has a black patch over his one eye. He has 24th encyclopedias about piracy, 12 essays about pirate raids,attacks and abandoned ships,  117 ships  diaries of famouse pirates, 113 old flags from pirate ships, 44 maps of treasures found by others, 8 hooks from histroy's most feared pirates, 3 colored feathers from Surly Sam and 1 extremely rare treasure finder compass

Professor Cleverpaws is a discoverer and analyst of hiding places of all kinds, expert followers of trails, tracks and pawprints. 

Sylvia Cinemouse is a friend of Creepella and movie director. She is a gray fur rodent with round big body. Her hair is brown and wear a cap. 

Marco Megamouse is a director for action films appeared in Creepella von Cacklefur Fright Night. 

Mr.M is an expert on monsters. Whether it is big, small, slimy, ugly, sweet and scary. He was born in the Frozen Peak at the edge of Mysterious Valley. As a child, he played with the White Yetis. In college, he recived a degree in Advance Monstrology. He write the Encylopedia of Monsters and save headless monsters from extinction. He retired from public 10 years ago and no one ever saw him ever since then. 

Geronimo Stilton

A good friend of Creeperellas and is sometimes dragged into mysterious adventures by his sister and, or Creepella. Geronimo is a scaredy mouse like Billy. He runs the Rodents Gazette and publishes Creepellas stories.


Dr. Inkbus is the caretaker of Nightmare parks. He kidnapped Bobblina to revive the park as the main attractions once more. He is expert at creating nightmares, shivers, goose bumps and scream of frights. He lives in a dark and secret corner of Horrorwood Studios.He has a degree in Shivery Arts. He majored in Screams, Shrieks and Screeches.  He collects recording of the most bloodcurling screams in  horror films. His dreams to bring back Nightmare Park to the original splendor with the same hair-raising attractions years ago. 

Trilly, Milly, Lilly Rattenbaum are the triplet sisters in Creepella von Cackelfur series. They are the archenemies of Creepella. The three of thems despise Creepella and always comemnt rude things whenever they meet here. It can be hint that they hate Creepella due to the feeling of jealousy towards Creepella because she lives in wealthy mansion, beautiful, popular and smart. Unlike Creepella, they lived in an old, almost fall apart mansion with their grandfather Shamley Rattenbaum. They are seen in Billy Squekspeare mansion where they tried to stole Morgan Blackwhisker's treasure and they appeared in the Fright Night contest supporting Brad Balladeer and kidnapp Creepella's father,Boris so Brad can win the poetry contest.  

Shamley Rattenbaum is the grandfather of Trilly, Milly and Lilly. He tries to steal the Morgan Blackwhisker's treasure by sending their grandaughters and Ziggy the Millepede to dig and find the treasure in Squekspeare mansion. He wore a tattered suit and a collapsed hat. He is impatient, greedy and always angry  when he did not get something he wants. This can be implied due to his mansion is falling apart and lives in unwealthy life.  

Stan Shadyfur is the one who cause disturbance in Franco's mansion. He always put bread crumbs in Franco coffin, switch tomato juice to garlic, create creepy, weird and disturbing noises. His scheme is to make Marinara into a skii resort but failed due to Creepella caught him and solve his plan. He also once tried turning Cacklefur castle into a spa resort according to Creepella's dad. 

Chaster Cheater is Boris von Cacklefur classmate in grade four. He stole Boris original poem "graveyard mold" for the poetry contest. Chaster won and makes Boris heartbroken. He has a son name Chester Cheater

Chester Cheater is the son of Chaster Cheater. He enrolled in the Fright NIght contest as Brad Balladeer. He mousenapped Borin von Cacklefur with the help from Rattenbaum triplets knowing from his father that he will lose from Boris because he is a great poet than him and impossible to beat. He has a watch with intials C.C. 


Ziggy the Millipede is the official companion to the Rattenbaum triplets. Hhis original home is The Moccasin Mountains. He enjoys designer footwear, but he'll buy shoes on sale if they're comfortable. His styles in summer is wears clogs, sandals and flip-flops. In the winter, he wears wool socks and ski boots. At home he wears slippers. He is an excellent digger and always finishes his job. Hjs weaknesses is he has a short attention span and tires easily. He used to be an assistant to professor Cleverpaws. 

Bobblina is a female monster and Horrorwood film actress. She goes to Swamp School of Drama. Her age is unknown, Her favorite foods is withered flowers. She likes pale pink and Moldy Violets perfume. Her favorite book is Heart of Mud written by Billy Squekspeare. She has a dark purple mole by her mouth. In Creepella's book series, she is kidnapped by Dr.Inkbus to be the main attraction in an abandoned amusement park, that used to be popula,r located in Horrorwood Studios. 

Franco Fangley is grandpa Frankeinstein's childhood bestfriend. He is a Vampire Taster of Tomato Juice (VTTJ). He lives in the Marinara castle located at the Vampire Peak. Sleeps all day in a coffin and wakeup at sunset. He wore burgandy vest, white ruffled shirt, black velvet cape lined in crimson, with a large wide collar, pointy shoes made of shiny leather. This outfit gives him the look of a serious and refined gentlemouse. His house once disturbed and pranked by Shadyfur and almost signed and gived away his castle to the ghost whom is actually Shady under a cover sheet. Creepella's help him safe his mansion from dangerous hand of a mouse. 

Crystal Glamorosa is the host of Fright Night competition. She has long wavy yellow hair, light fur and wore black dress with bat cape like, golden spider earings and pink flowers on her hair.  She is black belt at karate and stop Chaster Cheater from escaping after he admit he cheats by mousenapped Boris von Cacklefur.

Byron Badnews is the Cacklefur family lawyer

The Cacklefur AncestorsEdit

Abracadabra von Cacklefur, a medical magicla famouse for his love potions. 

Swashbuckler von Cacklefur, a knight who fought against that mythical monster, the Three-headed Cat.

Cruella von Cacklefur, a charming rat. Many a rodent lost his head over Cruella (she had them all beheaded!)

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