Cheese is a food that most rodents like to eat.Cheesy Chews are made with Cheese and have Cheese in the name.The only book that has to do with Cheese and has Cheese in the name is The Mysterious Cheese Thief.In Field Trip To Nigagra Falls,it is rumored that in one of his own books,Geronimo Stilton spelled Cheese wrong.It is made of edible wax.It can be big,small,circular,triangular,rectangular,skinny,fat,blue,red,orange,yellow,white,green,striped and holed.Types of Cheese are string Cheese,stinky Cheese,belladoon Cheese,Cheese fondue,Swiss Cheese,American Cheese,Slilton Cheese,(the Cheese in which The Stiltons were named after) and more!To learn more about Cheese,go to Cheese Wiki.

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