Pandora Woz is the niece of Patty Spring. She also has a brother named Slugsy Woz. She has a secret crush on Benjamin Stilton, Geronimo's favorite nephew. Pandora's aunt, Patty Spring, says she is "such an angel," while Geronimo thinks it impossible that Petunia could have such an annoying, jumpy, loud, and did I say annoying niece? Anyway, she is nine years old and shares a similarity with Thea Stilton: she is a high dreamer and positive thinker.


She is annoying, jumpy, and loud. On the 45th Book, "Save The White Whale!", she is revealed to be a little spoiled as she says: " Uncle G, would you carry my beach ball?", "Uncle G, would you build me a sand castle?", and "Uncle G, would you help me fly a kite?". This book also provides Pandora's annoyance, since she annoyed Geronimo by telling jokes aloud to him, on the beach!


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