Bruce Hyena
Bruce Hyena
Race: Rodent
Gender: Male

Bruce Hyena is an adventurous friend of Geronimo Stilton. Thus far, he only appears in the books.

Bruce has a crush on Geromino's sister, Thea. He is a sporty mouse that never misses out on exercise time. Bruce often forces Geronimo to go on adventures with him. He calls Geronimo cheesehead because he's such a bookmouse. He is never careful and enjoys doing one-handed push ups. Every time Bruce does something wrong, he never feels bad. He is always energetic and happy.He does amazing tricks.To learn more about Bruce Hyena,go to Bruce hyenas amazing tricks.


  • 37# The Race Across America
  • 40# The Karate Mouse
  • 41# Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro
  • 43# I'm Not a Supermouse!
  • 47# Run For The Hills, Geronimo!
  • 53# Rumble in the Jungle
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