He owns a Graveyard.He is Creepella Von Cacklefur's father.He is creepy and a little crazy.His love interest is Tina Spicytail.Boris Von Cacklefur wanted to dance with her so he asked her and she said yes.They danced together at Creepella Von Cacklefur's Halloween Party.Geronimo Stilton once knocked on Boris Von Cacklefur's door.He came out and was asked where Creepella Von Cacklefur was.He said that she was over there,Wich was in the fog or mist.He also said "Want this yellow grave?For a smart mouse it is to die for!(Cackles evily)." That was obvisly a play-on-words,so, Boris Von Cacklefur must also be a joker.That was also an advertisement,so he must be his own company's ad writer and owner.He has a car Wich is the latest model and is called The Swooping Bat.It lets you see all the cemeteries in the world!

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