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  1. lost treasure of the emerald eye
  2. the curse of the cheese pyramid
  3. cat and mouse in a haunted house
  4. i'm to fond of my fur
  5. four mice deep in the jungle
  6. paws off cheddarface
  7. red pizzas for a blue count
  8. attack of the bandit cats
  9. a fabumouse vacation for Geronimo
  10. all because of a cup of coffee
  11. it's halloween you fraidy mouse
  12. merry christmas Geronimo
  13. the phantom of the subway
  14. the temple of the ruby of fire


  1. the mona mousa code
  2. a cheese-coloured camper
  3. watch your whiskers stilton
  4. shipwreck on the pirate islands
  5. my name is stilton, geronimo stilton
  6. surf's up geronimo
  7. the wild wild west
  8. the secret of cacklefur castle
  9. a christmas tale
  10. a christmas catastrophe


  1. valentine's day disaster
  2. field trip to niagara falls
  3. the search for sunken treasure
  4. the mummy with no name
  5. the christmas toy factory


  1. wedding crasher
  2. down and out down under
  3. the mouse island marathon
  4. the mysterious cheese thief